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Temperature variances exist in all systems, regardless of materials, working fluid or system design. There is not a process that involves heating a particular medium where temperature of that medium is consistent throughout— temperature gradients always exist. Sensing temperature at a single location during a process is acceptable for many applications because temperature gradients are often insignificant. However, there is a need for many applications to monitor temperature in multiple locations to ensure a safe, accurate and cost efficient process. Installing multiple, independent temperature sensors may be impractical due to cost or space limitations.

Multipoint temperature sensors accurately measure temperatures at various locations along the sensor’s length. They are used across a broad range of processes and installations—predominately in applications involving a large or complex process where close temperature control is necessary.

Multipoint temperature sensors are designed to meet requirements of specific applications that include temperature, pressure, chemical environments, time response and number of points required. Sensors are constructed from a variety of protecting tube materials that use XACTPAK mineral insulated, metal-sheathed cable. Multipoint temperature sensors are available in standard or special ASTM thermocouple calibration tolerances. For applications requiring extreme accuracy, special constructions can be made with platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs).

Product Description Temperature
General Applications Tube and Wire Feature SERV-RITE® wire in a variety of insulation types with a metal sheath over the thermocouple. Wide variety of mounting options for use in general industrial and commercial applications. Up to 900 Up to 480
Mineral Insulated Fast responding, durable and capable of handling high temperatures with the use of XACTPAK® metal sheathed cable with compacted MgO insulation. Up to 2200 Up to 1200
EXACTSENSE® Exhaust gas temperature sensor that combines rugged thermocouple technology with signal conditioning into one package. The primary benefits are high accuracy, durability, quick response, long immersion depth and high temperature. -104 to 2192 -40 to 1200
Base Metal Large gauge, bare alloy available with ceramic insulated elements and protection tubes. Available in ASTM E230 Types K and J. Up to 2300 Up to 1260
High Temperature Available in ASTM E230 Types S or R with a variety of high temperature sheath materials capable of withstanding high temperatures. Up to 3100 Up to 1700
MICROCOIL™ Miniature thermocouple provides surface temperature measurement. Up to 1292 Up to 700
Radio Frequency Thermocouple designed for use in plasma generation applications. Up to 932 Up to 500
TRUE SURFACE Flat surface temperature sensor that isolates the thermocouple from ambient airflow. Up to 400 Up to 200
Multipoints Accurately measures temperatures at various locations. Constructed with a variety of protection tubes with XACTPAK mineral insulated metal sheathed cable Up to 2200 Up to 1200

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