Mica Band Heaters​​

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Mica Band Heaters are best suited for low to moderate temperatures, featuring thin construction and high quality insulation for effective heat transfer and excellent dielectric properties. They offer a wide variety of termination and clamping styles.

When Ordering, Please Specify:

  1. Quantify
  2. Inside Diameter
  3. Width
  4. Voltage: on two piece band we suggest each piece be rated at half the operating voltage. Please specify total voltage.
  5. Wattage – on two piece bands please specify total wattage.
  6. Basic Construction & Options Desired – see below
  7. Part Number – if known or previously ordered.
  8. Gap -if other then factory determined minimum.
  9. ​Lead Length – if other than standard 12 inches.

Optional Features

  • (A) Flexible armor (BX) installed over flexible leads.
  • (B) Metal braid installed over flexible leads.
  • (C) Flexible leads – asbestos and fiberglass insulated nickel or nickel clad conductor. Installed with 2″ fiberglass boot.
  • (D) Low profile band.
  • (E) Terminal box.
  • (F) Flexible armor in right angle bracket.
  • (G) Thermocouple hole.
  • (H) Button Terminals
  • (I) Appliance pins.
  • (J) Twist lock plug installed on leads.
  • (K) Extra wide gap – specify.
  • (L) Grounding stud.
  • (M) Dual voltage – specify.
  • (N) Stainless steel sheath.
  • (O) Low profile strap.
  • ​(P) Post terminals.
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